Candle Making Supplies and Ideas for a Startup

Starting a candle-making business can cover many different niches. You may want to have a candle business focused on soy candles, tealight candles, wax melts, or even wax bears and other designs. If you aren't sure where to start with your candle startup, here are some ideas. Each idea details the candle-making supplies you will need along with a few key points to know about the startup idea. 

Wax Bears

Wax bears are an option that are well-loved and easy to add to your candle-making startup. The basics of this idea are to use a stuffed teddy bear, a small jointed bear that can sit on its own. Scented wax is melted and the bear is dipped into the wax. You then take the bear out and gently pry apart its fur to make sure it looks fluffy. The bears are dried and sat on paper doilies or other bases that will keep the wax from causing damage to furniture. The scent will fill the room without burning or using wax warmers. You will need your wax, scent of choice, the bears, and a candle dipping station. 

Candle Melts

Candle melts are very popular with many candle lovers. The wax melts are ideal for scenting a room without the use of an actual flame. In fact, most candle melt bases use electricity or even battery power to heat the melts. The melts are melted at a low temperature which reduces the chances of burns and fires. For the melts, you will need the wax, scent of your choice, wax colour, and the melts moulding trays. The trays are usually silicone for easy removal of the finished melts. 

Candle Kits

Kits are something an increasing number of people are considering and buying. The candle kits can be small one time creations that have everything your customers need to make the candles, melts, or even wax bears of their dreams. For these kits, you will need your own branded logo stamped boxes and filler. Once you have those, you can begin filling the boxes to order. You will need moulds, wax, the scents, small bottles to hold scents for the kits, any dyes that may be used, and other items depending on the kit. Place instructions inside and allow them to discover their love of candle making. 

When you make a choice on the type of candle-making business you want, contact your local candle-making supply house. The candle-making supplies and distributor you choose can help with everything from basic supplies to scents. They can also help you with tools to make your candle-making easier. If you have special orders or requests, be sure to discuss those with the supply representative.

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