Benefits of CNC Machined Wooden Toys

If you have been making wooden toys for sale for some time, you must know they are becoming popular at home and in schools. From helping children learn social skills improve their senses, wooden toys trample plastic types. However, making wholesale wooden toys with the band in your garage can only get you so far. You will need a CNC machine to get to the next level. This article highlights the reasons CNC machined wooden toys are the best.

Consistently Matched Parts

When making wooden toys with different parts, such as a bus with wheels, it is critical to prioritise safety. For instance, the wheels of a wooden toy must fit snug without posing a threat to children. If you make several wooden toy vehicles using a band saw, the chances are high that the components will not be the same in size. It means that some wheels will be slightly bigger or smaller than others, which is a safety hazard. Therefore, toymakers must be extra careful to ensure that it does not happen. CNC machining eliminates the problem because all components are consistent in design and shape. You do not have to worry about making wooden toy parts that come off and threaten children's wellbeing.

Bulk Manufacture

If you are good at making wooden toys, you likely have a long waiting list with tight deadlines. Since you can only make so many toys using your band saw in a day, some clients might grow impatient and opt to buy toys from a local store. Consequently, you lose money and customers. CNC machined wooden toys can be manufactured in bulk, allowing you to beat deadlines and reduce wait times significantly. Additionally, you can price your wooden toys competitively because you can produce them all day and night without growing tired.

Complex Toy Designs

Typically, kids are curious, and wooden toys help them develop the skill from a very young age. Traditional wooden toys have basic shapes and are made from a single block of wood. The simplistic designs are great for toddlers. However, as a child grows and their brain develops, wooden toys with complex designs become a better proposition. It is because the intricate designs are more challenging and require a high level of curiosity. You can only achieve intricately designed wooden toys by using a CNC machine. All you have to do is feed a design to CNC software and let the machine do the work.

To learn more, contact companies that sell wholesale wooden toys. 

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