Why Model Building Is the Ideal Hobby for Retirees

When you retire after a life spent working, all the extra time on your hands can either be a positive or negative, depending on how you view it. Mostly, it's a mixture of the two, and it can be quite a shock to the system despite having plans for all the ways you're going to enjoy life.

Many people choose to take up a new hobby when they retire, or they return to one they struggled to find time for while they were working. If you're not sure what to do with your free time, getting into building plastic models can be an enjoyable and rewarding pastime. Here are some of the reasons it makes a great hobby for retired people.

It helps with your manual dexterity

As you get older, you may start to notice the joints in your hands aren't quite as nimble as they used to be. When you're not working any more, this can begin to happen faster if you're not using your hands as much.

Building models gets you practising your manual skills as you assemble parts that are sometimes small and fiddly and paint fine details on the completed build. Model kits vary a lot in terms of how easy they are to handle, so there's always something for any ability level.

It keeps your brain young

The process of reading and understanding instructions, finding the pieces you need and putting them together properly is great mental exercise. Using your brain becomes increasingly important as you age because it can help you stay healthy and keep your memory sharp.

It's good company

Retirement is a lonely point in some people's lives, particularly if they live alone or their partner is still working. Having a hobby that requires a lot of focus makes you feel less alone and stops you from worrying. Model building can also be a great way to meet new people, either in the thriving online community or through a local club.

It can expand your interests

The thing about building models is that most of them are based on something real, with its own history and set of interesting facts. People often discover new interests through building models, like a passion for vintage cars or a fascination with a certain historical period.

It gives you a sense of achievement

When you're not working, the daily tasks that gave you the satisfaction of finishing a job are mostly gone. It can feel like you're not really working towards anything. Although building a model might sound like an insignificant goal, the achievement you feel when the task is completed is very real and definitely satisfying.

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